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The research paper is just what I needed! I was so worried about the structure of the paper and the writer messing up the Methods section since this is what happened when I placed an order with a different company last year. I’m SO relieved that this is not the case and the paper is actually good. The guidelines I attached were followed to a T! THANK YOU! I give my genuine recommendations!

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Excellent service! Not my first time ordering a paper from here. Very affordable services and I got a great discount so thank you! It was worth every penny! The writer handled the complex topic very well and the essay is just like I needed. The support team was also very helpful as this was a last minute assignment. I tried writing the essay on my own but couldn’t do it well. Thank you for handling the work like true professionals!!!! Very good experience

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Awesome job! Report I got is perfect! I got A+ and I’m extremely happy!!! The writer was easy to reach and he follow all my feedback. Thank you for sending me emails and notifications! I felt very comfortable and confident working with you. 100% recommend Lastminutewriting to everyone!!!

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It is well known that students who are pursuing bachelor's or advanced degrees are going to need a little help from time to time. Usually, dissertations are required as the final leg of a student’s long journey to achieving their dream qualification. Dissertations are usually practiced at most universities and college courses. Students are met with dissertation deadlines alongside regular coursework, so the final year of any class is enough to give you a headache!

Writing a dissertation is no easy feat, so that why Last Minute Writing is here to give students professional dissertation writing help. Our expert dissertation writers are proficient in critical thinking skills, writing skills, and subject knowledge and tailor their work to write dissertations suitable to all levels, so that you can rely on us at your number one dissertation writing service throughout your academic journey. Our service quality is unparalleled, our customer service advisors are the best in the business. Our writers are passionate about their subjects and are dedicated to helping you achieve your very academic best.

Don’t continue to suffer in silence, you’ll be spoilt for choice and have a positive, fruitful experience once you place your order asap!

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Who Writes My Dissertation?

We have a rigorous recruitment service, so we can filter out bad or unreliable writers and give you access to only the best. Our writers come from various professional backgrounds. They have advanced degrees in Sociology, Law, English, Literature, Journalism, Business, Marketing, Psychology, Politics, Economics, Education, Healthcare and Medicine including Nursing, History, Logistics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, Statistics, Engineering, Architecture, Finance, Accounting, Communications, Art, Music, Religion, and many more! Our researchers are talented and flexible, each of them has enough experience and writing skills to tailor the work to suit each order, effectively allowing you to work with the same writer from your High School diploma all the way to your doctorate and beyond! Our writers continuously update their learning, so the work is always up to date.

100% Custom Dissertations has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. You will receive a dissertation paper that only features unique content.

All of our papers are written from scratch, and we follow your instructions to the letter. We accept additional comments and suggestions, supporting information like lecture notes and professors’ feedback, so buying a dissertation from us guarantees you original work that is legit, written around your individual needs and experience.

Excellent Support Staff

Our customers are the most critical part of our service. They why our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience and are 100% happy with the work we produce. We work around the clock to clarify any confusion and address any questions you may have about the process. We are also here to discuss any changes you may need to make to your order, and take any feedback you may have for us. We would be delighted to work for you, our expert advisors are waiting to take your order now.

Dissertation on Time

Penalties are harsh for students who submit late work. Late submission results in a lower overall grade and enough missed deadlines can lead to complete failure of the course. No wonder deadlines are the number one cause of stress amongst students, no matter their level.

Save yourself the additional stress and hassle of worrying about meeting a deadline. Don’t rush your work and risk a bad grade just because there aren’t enough hours in the day. We are a specialist in a last-minute dissertation writing service, our niche is our speed. So whether you need a same day or overnight dissertation chapter, we can deliver an excellent literature review exactly when you need it.

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To instantly place your dissertation order, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  • Visit our website at and give us all the details we need. Choose from a variety of dissertation paper styles, chapters or proposals and give us any additional information that may help us complete the work.
  • If you can’t find what you need, send a custom dissertation request. We will match you to the best writers for your subject, and you can review feedback and read their samples.
  • Check that your order summary is correct and click to proceed! Your order will be processed immediately. You are welcome to come back anytime to speak with your writer or our customer service agents if you have any amendments or questions. We are open 24/7 and always happy to help.
  • All you need to do now is wait to download your dissertation and enjoy your excellent results! We will notify you as soon as it is ready.

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We are passionate about our work and dedicated to help students in need!

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Don’t continue to struggle over your dissertation. It is difficult to come up with a good topic and find all the right resources, and that’s before you have even put pen to paper!

Students need to conduct in-depth analysis, find existing data, utilise learnt knowledge as well as proof reading referencing responsibilities. This is a lot of hard work, and students easily feel overwhelmed or at a loss as to where to start.

That’s why we are here, to offer top-quality cheap dissertations so we can take away the hassle of difficult research deadlines.

Our expert dissertation writing service only uses native English speakers, who write in original text so the work we give you will pass any plagiarism checker with flying colours. You will never have to worry about grammatical errors, sloppy work, spelling mistakes or misinformation when you order an original dissertation from us.

We guarantee that your dissertation will meet all of the requirements asked of it, and we will follow your exact instructions so you will get exactly what you pay for at a very low price. We make buying last minute dissertations inexpensive, so all students no matter their budget can use our services to their advantage.

Feel free to check out our testimonials page if you need further convincing! We are happy to report that our customer satisfaction ratings are well above average, because we put in the extra mile to help students achieve their goals and address their work life balance.

You’re in great hands with our experienced writers at Order today and save yourself a bundle with our new customer discounts!

The Dissertation Service That Helps Relieve Stress

Anyone who has completed a long-term degree or Master’s programme such as a PhD knows just how incredibly stressful it can make your life. Without the assistance of people who write this kind of things professionally, writing a dissertation can become incredibly difficult and mentally taxing. Sometimes the pressure can get way too much! With our dissertation writing services, you can connect with a professional dissertation writer who can assist you in impressing with your dissertation.

Last Minute Professional Dissertation Writing Services

If you think that you are the only person in the world considering using a professional writing service to help with your dissertation; it is simply not the case! So many people put their trust in professional writers when it comes to dissertation writing. The greatest thing about our services is the anonymity it offers people that use them, and the fact that we can deliver under tight timelines and urgent circumstances.

The confidentiality that this offers you if you choose to use our services makes it entirely possible to present content curated through our services as you own without any issue or problem whatsoever. This will save you the extra time, effort, and stress which you can use and apply in more productive ways while we are working towards the completion of your dissertation. The process of researching and putting together information in a professional and well-presented manner is simply overly time-consuming and can get in the way of you really putting the effort in to kick-start your career in more practical real-world ways.

We find that a lot of people who come to us were even considering a significant break or lapse in their career to complete their dissertation! Why have this potentially damaging break in your career when you can have both work simultaneously alongside each other.

Do My Dissertation in 12/24/48 Hours

For a lot of people who come to use our services as a company, there is simply not the financial breadth to afford this detrimental career break either, and we can help with that. Some people just want to get ahead in their life and their career, and this is where we step in too.

We are lucky enough to have a large and ever-expanding team of qualified professionals who are more than trustworthy, earning every penny which you will pay for the dissertation work. Our experts will help you to present a paper that is not rushed or missing bits because you are stressed or did not have enough time. Their sole focus is presenting a perfect dissertation for you, without the mistakes that stress or time-pressure may have added to your project if you were trying to squeeze it in to your busy schedule and try to complete it yourself. Sometimes being too close to a project will not allow you to analyse all the potential angles connected to it, and our professional writers will come in without your attached bias or pre-existing tendencies.

They will be able to shed a different light on the topic of your dissertation, and work with you to craft the correct style, format, and tone which will get you the best mark in the end and prove your worth, impressing everyone who reads it. Our qualified professionals will follow the exact specifications of your university or college, meaning that there is absolutely zero risk of your paper being marked down because of improper formatting. On top of all of this, our customer service is absolutely unsurpassed. We work for YOU, and your satisfaction is all we care about as a company. Our representatives are always available 24/7, and we will always do our best to please.

We Only Employ the Best Dissertation Writers in the Field

Our biggest selling point as a company is the team that we have. Our best advertisement is that we only employ the best professionals in the field of dissertation writing, and our striving for greatness means that we will never compromise this standard. We will never let you pay for someone’s work if it were not something we would pay for ourselves. Our team of distinguished dissertation writers make us a standout from any other business that claims to be like us. The thing that makes us stand out from any other service is this: We only hire writers with doctorates.

Our writers are the best because we know they are, and they are all vetted constantly to make sure that no standard ever slips, and that the work you get will be a standout in your field. Some services like ours only offer the services of writers with a simple Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and they can simply not utterly understand what it takes. Our writers will always have a PhD to ensure their standards and experience is exactly what is necessary.

How Much is it Going to Cost Finish my Urgent Dissertation?

The myth that professional dissertation writing costs a fortune and a half is simply that!  Writing services do not have to cost an arm and a leg, and they will not if you choose to use us. Although our writers work extremely hard, we never overcharge our users; and that is why they keep coming back and give us such rave reviews. Our prices start at around $20 for a 2-month, $50 for a 1-month deadline, and can increase if the deadline is shorter. However, we never make our services completely unaffordable because we want to deliver to your timescale, and we want you to be pleased that you decided to use our services. We can even deliver in 3/4/5/6/7/10 days, but it will also cost more; the urgent services we offer are perfect for 2-4 weeks deadlines.

Fast Dissertation Writing Services Online

When you are considering choosing a dissertation service, the two main requirements are that it has to be unique, and that it has to be delivered on the required timescale. You have already done a massive amount of work so far, and you have probably already discussed the flow and content of your dissertation with tutors and mentors; so, you need someone who is going to work with you and to your guidelines and necessities.

Cheap and affordable dissertation writing services like ours can actually provide an incredible quality of work, and there is simply no need for you to put yourself through all of the stress of writing yourself. Academic and Doctoral writing is a tense business! It is especially hard if English is not your first language, or you are not gifted when it comes to writing in large quantities. As a business, we will always strive to fulfil the needs or all of our clients; their timescales, their content requirements, and anything else that they need. Our only priority is you; to help with your dissertation.

As a business, we offer a good dissertation service which covers all bases without you having to give it a second thought, other than a simple discussion. Our services are designed to relieve you from the stress of academic writing in just a day and allow you to focus on what is really important, the rest of your career.

Are dissertation writing services legal?

Yes, absolutely! The only legal caveat to this answer is that you must only use dissertation writing services to assist you in writing your dissertation and not use it for the final draft as it is delivered to you. The use of our service for assistance purposes is absolutely okay and totally legal. In addition to this, the use of our services is completely confidential, and your personal information is never disclosed. Your security and confidentiality are our top priorities.

What is the best dissertation writing service?

Although we pride ourselves on being the best dissertation writing service out there, there are many ways to determine and understand which professional service will work best for you. Some companies take longer periods of time, some have specialities in certain degree programmes or areas of study, and some are cheaper than others. Every company has its upsides and downsides, and it is all about finding what is best for you.

Our recommendation would be to do a healthy amount of research online, understand the services and specialities you need as a client, and decide on your price range. Customer reviewing sites such as Reddit, and other reviewing websites are important to check out when you are thinking about how to choose the best service. As an online business, we can cater to clients from the United States and Canada, all the way to the United Kingdom.

How come online writing companies are better than just an ordinary dissertation service near me?

Although there are many companies which offer custom dissertation writing services, the best dissertation services are found online simply because of the resources which online companies possess. Online writing companies are simply larger and have access to more professionals and a greater breadth of resources. The other potential upside of an online writing company over the use of just an ordinary dissertation service near you is that there is no requirement for an in-person meeting. This increases anonymity as well as making the process easier and more streamlined for you as the user.

Can I hire someone to write my dissertation for me?

The way the process works is that you decide to order the planning and construction of your dissertation, and really, we do the rest. There is absolutely no need to pick a member of our team specifically, we get someone sorted for you, making the process the fastest it can be. Our professionals are paid to do the best job possible, while you just sit back and pay for dissertation writing to be done. We possess a qualified team of professionals who each specify in their own area or degree programme. There are hundreds of people who work for us who are all specifically trained in different skills. All you need to do is just tell us what you need, and we will find the right person who will work for you. Even if all you want is dissertation editing, formatting, and proofreading; we can do that too.

Can you write a dissertation in 1/2/4 weeks, 2 months?

The simple answer to this question is yes, but it depends on the length, complexity, and content needed in the dissertation you require done. A shorter piece of dissertation work or simple completion of an already partially complete dissertation will take less time. The best idea is to put your order for your dissertation in long before you actually need it done. Although we do specialise in getting dissertations done on tight deadlines, it is always the best idea to be over-prepared rather than cutting it too close! However, we do specialise in emergency deadlines when it comes to dissertations and we can work to tight deadlines if specially requested. Though these may come at an extra cost.

What dissertation chapters you can write?

We can write any and all types of dissertation chapters, as well as complete dissertation projects. We can help you with a chapter or two you are struggling with or we can write a complete full draft of your dissertation. As mentioned in the previous few FAQ’s, we are able to write a complete dissertation entirely from scratch. As long as you specify what you need when you submit your project to us for completion, the dissertation chapters or entire work will be completed exactly to your specification.

  • Dissertation / Thesis proposal
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Results
  • Discussion

How much should I pay someone to write a dissertation?

In all honesty, it totally depends on the content of your dissertation, how much you need done, how quickly you need it done, and how long you need it to be. So really, the price is entirely down to you. If you only need a few pages done or simply need it edited or ‘professionalised’, it will cost a lot less than it would for you to get it completely written from scratch. As a professional writing service, we have many different pricing options and payment structures available for all budgets and financial restraints. Your best bet is to submit what you need done, and we will work with you to try and build a plan that is best for you and what you need done. As much as we are willing to work with you financially, dissertation writing is a pricy and difficult business, so it is not going to exactly cheap; so, remember to keep that in mind.

How to buy a dissertation?

The first step to buying a dissertation from us is to fill out our order form with all the information about your dissertation. It is important to be very specific regarding the needs of your project, especially the due date. We will need to assess how quickly you need your work completed, what needs to be done to make it the best work, and other specifics like number of pages, writer level, etc. You will then upload necessary files and then you can pay through a secure checkout process.

Is buying dissertation safe? What security measures you take to keep it safe and anonymous?

We have a company-wide commitment to our user’s anonymity. Due to the online nature of our company, the process is naturally more private and less open to public curiosity. Our computers all have high-end security, and nothing ever leaves the secure areas. There is a 256-bit encryption used to protect the connection between you and our website. We use a strict policy to never share any information with third parties. Only your basic contact information is required, and this will not be comprised throughout or after the process is finished.

What information is required when placing an order?

The first thing you need to tell us is what you exactly need us to do. If you are wanting us to write the entire dissertation from scratch you need to tell us exactly how long the project must be, the format and requirements of the project, as well as the subject area, date it is due, and other necessary specifics. Once you have given us all the required and pertinent information, we will be able to assign a writer to your case and get moving on things. There are certain add-ons which will cost more money such as writer experience level, urgent writer assign, or additional level of proofreading to double check the quality of writing.

My dissertation is almost ready, can you just proofread/edit it for me?

The answer is absolutely! Financially speaking, this is probably the easiest way to get our professional help without breaking the bank. The most expensive and time-consuming part of our service as a company is the research and initial drafting of our dissertations for people. So, if you take this into account and write the first draft yourself; our experts can pop their head in closer to the end of the project to help out.

Depending on what you want, our experts can either edit, proofread, or add to your dissertation if they feel it is missing something. From introduction or abstract to conclusion and finishing touches; we will be as involved as you want us to be in order to get you the best results. We can even just simply check for grammar and sentence structure if you want us to. It is all entirely down to you. We are always here to help you with whatever is left to be done to make your dissertation perfect.

Security notice

The safety and privacy of our clients is of top importance for us. We do not share any data with a third party.

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